Project Development and Grant Services
As experts in Project Development with extensive experience in developing projects for non-profits and international agencies, we excel at reviewing project proposals for donors and providing technical assistance to development agencies, in order that they may draw on programmatic strategies at a national and inter-regional level. We provide the most affordable, highest quality services available to non-profits, the development agencies, international organizations, private and corporate funders.

Our services in project development and grant writing are tailored to serve you during the full Project Cycle – starting from the Project Conceptualization to Proposal Development and its final Submission to the Donor, and ending with Project Implementation, its Monitoring and Evaluation and starting with a new Project Idea again! We serve organizations worldwide, so geography is never an issue.
Grant prospect research
We research grant opportunities and develop a list of strong matches with grant makers and your organization. You will receive a detailed Annual Grant Application plan with key grant givers, their thematic areas, maximum budgets, key persons and deadlines. Hand over this document to your fundraiser and keep track yourself of grant activities for your organization. Never miss the next grant opportunity again!

Fee: 150 USD
    Grant Writing
    We complete your federal grant application, private foundation proposal, or letter of inquiry, ensuring that it is highly competitive and thorough. We develop budgets in coordination with you. Therefore, making sure that all staff and office costs are covered, and the costs of key activities are competitive
    and in line with market prices.

    Fee: from 150 to 1500 USD*

    * depending on the complexity of the Project Proposal. The minimum charges for presenting your project idea in the Letter of Inquiry to the Donor and the maximum charges for developing a full Project Proposal with Logical Framework, Budget, Working Plan and Evaluation Methodology.
      Incorporating Cross-Cutting Issues
      Cross-cutting issues are the issues that impact in more than one field. Cross-cutting issues are laid down in a number of international conventions, declarations and treaties on development. The broad policy goals for the issues have therefore been set. They must be taken into account at all stages of the project cycle.

      The International Development Bodies identify several "cross-cutting issues" of major importance for development: Democracy and Human Rights; Environmental Sensitivity and Sustainability; Sustainability; Gender Equality; HIV/AIDS

      Our experts will review your Project Proposal and suggest how the ross-cutting issue should be incorporated into the Project Design and mplementation. We will advise you on a Human Rights Based Approach, making sure that performance indicators and project budgets are gender sensitive, the environment is safeguarded and the overall project's sustainability stands for durability of Project's Results.

      Fee: from 150 to 300 USD
        Facilitating the Factor Analysis (PESTLE analysis) among experts and project developers
        The Factor Analysis is performed to identify the factor that may affect your project which is linked to risk management. The risks to be studied are political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental, so called PESTLE analysis. Apart from its risk management role, the PESTLE analysis is always required by the Development agencies in their Grant Application Forms, ex. European Union.

        Fee: 1000 USD, travel cost plus per diem
          Facilitating the Problems Tree and Results Analysis among experts and project developers
          The Problems Tree Analysis is a tool used by major development agencies to conduct Situational Analysis around the key Problem. Using the principle of Cause and Means effect, the method identifies the problems that led to the key problem. Good projects are designed to address the causes of the key problem delivering tangible results. It has now become a practice to conduct the Problem Tree Analysis to design projects or programs at national, regional or inter-regional levels.

          The Development Solutions conducts facilitation of the problem study through moderating the discussions among the interested stakeholders and experts. The developed document serves as a basis for government and development agencies to design effective strategic programs and reach programmatic goals.

          Fee: 1000 USD, travel cost plus per diem

          The Results Analysis serves to formulate solutions to the problems identified during the Problems Analysis. The participating stakeholders are encouraged to visualize what the future would look like if the problems were resolved.

          Fee: 1000 USD, travel cost plus per diem

          It is recommended to conduct both analyses within the same visit. Claim your 25% discount from us and save on travel cost.
          Needs Assessment
          Needs Assessment is targeted to collect or update the data about the needs of beneficiaries. This will help to ensure that the appropriate evidence is available to guide project design. We conduct consultation meetings with different stakeholders, hold interviews with key informants / beneficiaries or conduct full surveys on a representative sample of the intended beneficiaries.

          Fee: based on the method chosen the fees range from 500 to 2500 USD. The cost of a full-scale study is estimated and based on technical specifications provided by the Client.
          Conducting Stakeholders Analysis
          The effective programming takes into account the Stakeholders Analysis. The Development Solutions will analyze the priorities, strategies and policies of key stakeholders and assess the capacity of other partners working on related thematic issues. Based on the results of this desk research the development Solutions together with you will suggest possible partnerships with governments, local and international organizations to bring greater strength to your Program.

          Fee: 500 USD, travel cost plus per diem
          Grant writing consultations
          We offer private coaching sessions to make suggestions and offer advice for your grant proposals, including offering insight on why you may not have received funding in the past and what you can do to improve your proposals to be more competitive in the future. This service could be also helpful for independent fundraisers. We could also provide official statement confirmed by our expertise. Based on additional agreement we could assess several grant applications submitted for funding within certain period of time.

          Fee: from 100 to 300 USD*

          * Minimal charges apply for assessment of one Project Proposal such as Concept Note. The maximum charges apply for complex applications such as EU grant applications
          Proofreading, editing and enhancing your Project Proposal
          We proofread your grant proposals before you submit them, making sure your message is clear and that you have followed the instructions provided by the grant maker. A second set of eyes on your proposal is always important. We will also help you in identifying the gaps, and suggesting the interventions linking to the broader national, regional and global context. This will make your proposal more relevant to the Donor's goals. We will also help you in incorporating cross-cutting issues into the Project Cycle such as Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Human-Rights Based Approach and Gender.

          Fee: from 100 to 300 USD*

          * depending of the complexity of the Project Proposal. The minimum charges apply for the assessment of the Concept Note of the Project. The maximum charges apply for developing the weak chapters of the Project Proposal such as Sustainability, Vertical and Horizontal Logic, Budget Narrative, etc.
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