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Research and Analysis in Development

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

The web-site contains the multidisciplinary research and policy analysis on the social dimensions of contemporary development issues

The Earth Institute at Columbia University

The web-site contains information on the research initiatives of the Earth Institute across the major development challenges – from climate change to global water issues, public health to natural disasters, more to name

Development Research by World Bank

Cross-country, cross-sector, thematic research outputs from the World Bank's main research unit

Overseas Development Institute

The web-site has good collection of research reports and books in development of the prominent UK based research and think tank

International Institute for Sustainable Development  

The web-site of this Canadian-based institute has a lot of information on international public policy for sustainable development

Center for Global Development

The web-site of this U.S.-based institute provides research analysis on best effective ways for aid in development. It´s worth to read their ranking of main foreign aid countries by their Commitment to Aid Index