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Our own corporate social responsibility

As members of various development communities, we know that society, the environment, and the economy are interconnected. With the development services suggested by our team we believe those solutions will uphold global development goals starting from local or even individual efforts.

Adhering to the principle “Think globally – act locally” we are supporting Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by raising public awareness about projects and supporting our clients, thereby contributing to the achievement of those goals. Click here to learn more on UN MDG Project.

We support MDG goal #3 Promoting gender equality and empower women by providing free seminars for international agencies, NGOs and policy-makers on Gender Sensitive Programming

We adhere to UN Global Principles for business in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption. We avail our right not to serve the companies violating human rights. While serving the clients in developing their programs we are advising them on human rights based programming with no additional charges applied

We adhere to international labor standards and exercise local legislation in terms of social protection of our employees. Consider human development as a core value of our organization we create favorable conditions for professional and individual development. We support work and life balance allowing flexible hours, promote healthy life patterns by encouraging doing sports during working hours and provide paid leave for training and education

We don’t commute to work every day thus reducing pollutants into Environment. Where ever possible we use modern means of telecommuting to hold meetings and go by public transportation. We prefer renting to purchasing as it reduces wastes and wherever possible we practice green purchasing. For example we use paper cups in our trainings instead of plastic ones and rent flip charts instead of buying our own. We love new ideas and solutions to nurture our Environment and we would love you to join us. Please check how you can make your office green using Green Peace Ideas