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How we work

субсидии минэкономразвития We often deal with non-profit organizations that already have their own experience writing project proposals, but the project may not have received funding, despite the great amount of time and effort the organization spent preparing grant applications for federal or private grants. When selecting from an intense pool of qualified applicants, the donor likely gave funding to a stronger organization.   The main reason for not winning a grant is often due to poorly developed projects. In this case we offer our help in applying for grants and developing socially significant projects in accordance with the highest standards of project development.

How we Develop Projects and Prepare Grant Application Forms

Usually you send us the project that did not receive financing along with the information about the grant contest. We examine application guidelines and analyze the project. Sometimes, Sometimes the social effect outlined in the project could not be achieved because of budget or time restrictions. Other difficulties can also arise, for example, the logic of the project might be poorly developed, the issue may not be clearly described or insufficient attention was given to the grant history or to the experience of the organization in implementing projects. As experts with experience in project development, evaluation and grant funding, we can identify why the project did not receive funding. We offer your project our expert solutions by determining all possible drawbacks and giving necessary recommendations to rectify the issues. The cost of an expert analysis of the application form is 200 USD.

If you want us to work together with you to finish the project, the cost of our services will depend on how much work is needed to complete your project as well as the complexity of the application form. You can read about approximate costs of our work below.

European Commission grants or application forms with a log frame matrix

If you have a project and it’s budget ready and need to draft a project proposal according to European Commission application form, the concept note costs 650 USD (download the form). If you passed the first application round and now need to develop the project according to the full application form (download the form), it costs 1000 USD. We draft the project offer in English.

Project Submissions to international donors and foundations

If you have a project idea that needs to be finalized for submission to international donors, embassies (like former Small Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy (download the form) or National Endowment Democracy Fund (download the form), the cost is approximately 800 – 1000 USD. We draft the project offer in English.

Developing new projects from scratch

If you have an idea of a new project and want help developing that idea to receive adequate funding, then the prices will be higher since we must conduct research and prepare problem analysis Usually the cost ranges from 800 to 1500 USD. This price already includes drafting project proposal.

Reviewing project proposals before grant submission

We have clients that draft project proposals on their own but ask us to proofread the text. Usually we provide comments regarding the logic of the proposed project, fine-tune project activities, cross-reference the proposal with donor and funding competition criteria and check the budget. The price for this service is 300 USD.

Overall management of organization’s grant activity

We can offer you a package of fundraising services. This offer will be interesting for organizations that consider funding opportunities from big private foundations and development agencies. Our outsourced fundraising service typically focuses on prospect donor research and grant writing, often with strategic development input or staff mentoring as needed.

This is our most popular service that has proven highly effective for our clients. Our fundraising consultants manage fundraising activities, provide a list of potential funding sources, write project proposals and lend guidance on strategic planning. Close contact is maintained with the client via email and phone, as well as regular monthly meetings to monitor progress and determine future priorities and strategies.

Fee: 100 USD a month for 6 months contract and 700 USD a month for 12 months contract (includes fit-for-fundraising evaluation, fundraising strategy drafting, training for personnel, updates on grant opportunities, 3 (for 6 months contract) or 6 project proposals (for one year contract) drafting.

clock These prices are available if you contact us 3 weeks prior to the application deadline. If an application is needed urgently, perhaps 5 days before the deadline, the price is doubled. Only original texts will be included in your project proposal. After you receive an application form, under our agreement, you can also attain copyrights of the project we developed for you.

Whether you choose Moscow Government grants  or grants from the United Nations Democracy Fund, we will help you submit the project proposals for any grant competition to get the grant you are looking for.

What you should know to start working with us

Terms or deadlines. We start working at least two-three weeks before the deadline. If we already worked with you, we can help you draft the project as late as 5 days before the application deadline. Completing the project on time depends on both of us. We sign the contract and outline the terms of intermediate application draft approvals, such as analysis of the issue, descriptive parts of the project, the calendar plan, the budget, etc. Usually, three days is enough for coordinating application sections with accountants and the director of your organization. This way we can we can attain your approval of the project, smoothly meet the deadline and sign the job completion report while you submit the project. We work with you until you receive confirmation from the donor that the project proposal has been taken into consideration and all necessary requirements have been met. If, for instance, we work on the application form and suddenly cannot reach you for 5 - 7 days, we may be unable to submit the project in time, though we will do our best.
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