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With over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector we know that raising funds can be quite challenging and requires full dedication not only from senior management, but every staff member and outside supporter. Searching for fund prospects, updating donors on a regular basis about the progress or exploring new funding initiatives can be quite time consuming wen also tasked with implementing projects and carrying out the organizations mission.

Understanding these challenges we can support you by strengthening your current fund raising efforts or simply do it for you! Be it donor’s search, update on approaching deadlines, writing letters of inquiry to the donors or having your supports donating to you online or drafting a fund raising strategy – we have it all.

Fit for Fundraising Assessment

Fundraising is most effective when the charity or organization has a solid reputation, high professionalism and shows excellent service delivery to beneficiaries. Often it is not the project proposal itself that receives the funding, but rather the organization. Below there are some key performance indicators that demonstrate added value of your organization and that will help increase your success in raising funds.

  • Your services are needed and delivered regularly to the communities
  • The overall activity of your organization is in line with local, national policies
  • You deliver what beneficiaries exactly want based on needs research conducted by you regularly
  • You practice a client-oriented approach while dealing with beneficiaries
  • Strong service monitoring procedures and impact evaluation
  • A professional website that is updated regularly
  • Sound financial management
  • A high quality annual report that demonstrates all of the above

Our consultants can help you develop any of the areas above - whether it’s advice on a monitoring system, designing a professional annual report or planning of the website content.

Please get in touch for an initial discussion of your needs.

Fee: 300 USD

Funding Prospect Research

Our research databases, as well as many years of experience in professional fundraising enable us to produce tailored listings of extensive funding opportunities appropriate for any organization or project. We liaise with your existing fundraising team to complement your own in house services.

Our consultants will research application procedures, deadlines, funders’ priorities and eligibility criteria on your behalf. We can also enquire directly if appropriate, discussing your organisation’s objectives and proposals with potential funders in order to pave the way for your applications.

Our research can be presented in your or our template, which is usually in MS Excel. This will contain relevant contact information, typical grant sizes, web addresses, specific comments to consider and all of the information you need to start developing and submitting applications.

Fee: from 150 to 300 USD

Strategic Fundraising Planning

A fundraising strategy is essential to ensure the growth and sustainability of any charity or not for profit organization. We can work with you to establish how best to achieve your goals. We will take your internal capacity into consideration along with relevant external factors that may impact on fundraising.

We can offer a reasoned analysis of funding opportunities, including essential advice on  choosing the key donors; presenting your pitch, establishing timeframes, prospect research, community consultation, service monitoring and evaluation, as well as options for diversifying your funding portfolio.

Fundraising strategy support can take a range of forms. Some clients find that just a half-day consultation can have a transforming effect on the future direction of their organization. Our experience working with many charities enables us to quickly identify the best fundraising opportunities in any given sector and actions required for our clients to embrace those opportunities. We would be delighted to discuss your needs. Please get in touch to see how we can support your strategic development.

Fee: 300 USD

Raising funds and cultivating the donors

We can offer you a package of fundraising services. Our outsourced fundraising service typically focuses on Donor Prospect Research and Bid Writing, often with some strategic development input or staff mentoring as required.

This is our most popular service and proves highly effective for our clients. Our fundraising consultants undertake full management of grant and contract fundraising, incorporating on-going prospect research, bid writing and guidance on strategic planning. Close contact is maintained with the client throughout via email and telephone. as well as attendance at regular meetings to review progress and consult on future priorities and strategy.

Fee: 700 USD a month for 6 months contract and 500 USD a month for 12 months contract (includes Fit for Fundraising Service, Outline of Fundraising Strategy, training for personnel, update on grant opportunities, 3 (for 6 months ongoing service) or 6 project proposals (for one year on-going service)