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For Implementing Actors

Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Section of your Proposal

When you are developing your Project Proposal you may get stuck at the Monitoring and Evaluation section. The Donor will ask you to outline the methodology and Evaluation plan, and you are not sure how to go about it. We will assist you in drafting the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan based on a Logical Framework, and advise on the methodology to be applied.

Fee: from 100 to 250 USD

Designing Monitoring Plans

Monitoring plans specify what is to be monitored, how the monitoring will be conducted, who will carry out the monitoring, when and how frequently the monitoring will be conducted, the methods that will be used for monitoring, and the resources that are required for monitoring. You will receive Results Monitoring Framework and we will provide clear instructions to the parties responsible on data collection and data storage.

Fee: 1000 USD, travel cost plus per diem if necessary

Receive it free if you decide to order Mid-Term and Final Monitoring and Evaluation from us. Click here to lean more.

Ex-ante, Mid-Term and Final Monitoring and Evaluation

External Evaluation can provide evidence-based assessment of the worth or significance of a Project or its components. Mid-term  Evaluations serve to provide project managers with recommendations for improving the project’s performance and for the best use of the project’s resources. Final Evaluations assist in showing the donors the social impact of the program and serve as a powerful fundraising tool. Always include the monitoring and evaluation into the Project Design to strengthen your proposal.

Ex-ante evaluations focus on relevance of the Project to your programmatic goals.

Mid-Term Evaluations focus shifts towards effectiveness, achievement and recommendation for improvement.

Final Evaluations serve to assess the sustainability and impact of the Project.

Click here to learn more about our Methodology and Approach to conducting Evaluations.

Fee: from 1000 USD to 10 000 USD.